Our first exhibition ‘IMPLICATED’ is taking place in MART galleries this Autumn in Dublin. 6 Artists (both Irish and international) will show new works investigating the boundaries of privacy.

What are the social rules that govern privacy? These boundaries have been continuously reshaped where the ever-multiplying ways in which we share and authenticate information have influenced our lives. Have we simply formed new rules to govern the etiquette of how much we share and the rights to do so? With such indeterminate values and beliefs in what defines private, we have asked 6 artists where lines can be drawn, tested or revealed as well as investigating the implications on the current cultural psyche and how that informs the way we interact. Jill French and Emily Bruton will be curating this exhibition.

See our artist page for the list of artists taking part!

Private View: 3rd October

Running time: 4th October – 20th October

Location: MART Gallery, Rathmines, Dublin


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